Injection Class

Just did my injection class at the clinic today. My husband and best friend came along since they’ll likely be the ones giving me the shots (my husband travels quite a bit). I could tell the folks in the waiting room were trying to figure out our “deal”. Either we were the lesbian couple there with our sperm donor or we were the husband/wife there with our surrogate. Anyway, the injection class was a tiny bit overwhelming but nothing too crazy. You’ll forget all the measurements as they’re spout them off to you but it doesn’t matter, your primary nurse will provide a very detailed guideline. A nurse sits you down with a mock up of all your meds. Then you practice loading the syringe with liquids in the vials, tap out the bubbles, measure the correct amounts, disposing of the needles, etc. You practice the actual injection part on the people who have come with you so they understand how much they’re going to be hurting you in the not-too-distant future (just kidding). You practice the injection part on this round little bubble of fake skin which is supposed to feel and look like flesh. Overall it felt a little rushed but if you don’t feel like you got enough time then my suggestion would be to Google some IVF injection videos on Utube. (Avoid the ones that show gross people in dirty surroundings shooting themselves up with fertility meds. Trust me, there’s a lot of those out there and they do NOT make you feel better about the process)


Starting IVF

On Friday I will be starting our first round of IVF treatment. I understand the process of IVF and what to expect but the “kick-off” of the actual treatment cycle has left me a bit confused. When do I start injectables? How quick does all my medication arrive? How long am I on birth control pills to put me into this “holding pattern”? When do we pay? What other tests to I need to have? And of course my awesome nurse assigned to me “Carla” is out on vacation right now (Nooooo! Carla I need you!). The nurse subbing for her is great too but Carla has really gotten me spoiled.