Ectopic Pregnancy Emergency

Well once again it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted anything. The Cancer medication I was on seemed to be working and my HCG levels were starting to drop, slowly though. Having a miscarriage is bad enough but I’ve still be classified as “Pregnant” this entire time which has made this even more heart-breaking.

A week ago last Friday I got ill at work, just super severe cramps. I was expecting this as my HCG levels got lower and as I began to have some heavy bleeding but I called my doctor/nurse just to let them know. I took some pain meds that my boss had on him and about 30 minutes later I felt fine. By the time my nurse called me back I was apologizing for overreacting. However, the doctor felt I should come in on Saturday morning just for a quick check regardless.

So Saturday morning I’m up at 7:30am ready for my appt. I stopped and got breakfast on the way. I was still feeling fine and truly wasn’t thinking anything was about to happen.

Well about 5 seconds after my ultrasound started my Doctor informed me that my fallopian tube had already started to rupture, I was bleeding internally and needed to have emergency surgery right away.

Talk about shocked! I was so NOT expecting that on my little Saturday morning quick check at the doctor! I called my husband and he came over to meet me since I wasn’t allowed to drive home.

After waiting around for about 3 hours they finally got me into surgery (so much for prompt service). In surgery they discovered that my fallopian tube was so enlarged and bleeding so much that it was stuck to my bowels. So the rectal/colon surgeon on call came in to assist as well. The fallopian tube was removed, then the fragments from the fallopian tube stuck to my bowels were removed, the bowels were repaired and then all the mess from the hemorrhage was cleaned and flushed out.

Today is my first day back to the office. (Although I’ve been answering emails and phone calls from home for the past week from my a-hole of a boss anyway so it’s not like I’ve truly had time off for this. And on that subject- I’ve worked for this jerk-off for 8 years. Not a card, not flowers, nothing. I don’t even need a card or flowers, that’s not really the point. But he could have sent like a nice email or at least ask if there was anything he could do. Nope! Nothing! My husband’s work however sent flowers, countless cards, dinners, etc and half the people have never even met me! But my place of business where I’ve slaved for almost the past decade and not a thing. Makes ya feel REAL special)


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