HCG levels still high

Went back in for more blood work yesterday and was expecting my hcg levels to be down around the 4000 mark as my nurse had indicated that was the “hope”. Nope! My levels only dropped by several hundred. At this rate it could seriously be another several months before I’m officially deemed “not pregnant” anymore. This is like the worst miscarriage ever. I feel like some mutant freak! I’m pregnant but….I’m not pregnant. It’s so odd. My nurse simply said sometimes it takes certain people longer to respond to the shots. And since I’m not in extreme pain (apparently my bathroom issues don’t count) then I’m just going to have to wait it out. This seems like an extra cruel knife through the heart. Knowing my baby isn’t going to live and then having to wait WEEKS (maybe even months) before the ectopic pregnancy is officially over is just devastating. It’s just prolonging the misery of this terrible and very sad situation.


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