Now that’s a fucked up twist of fate

I feel guilty for even thinking this, let alone writing it on my blog but it’s really eating away at me. So here goes… best friend is expecting a baby. If I wasn’t going through an ectopic pregnancy we would have been due within a week of each other. So here we have two best friends. One has always been crazy about kids, has always wanted to be a mother, has been trying so hard to get pregnant, has the resources to take care of a baby, finally DOES get pregnant and loses her baby. Then you have the other friend who has never even wanted children (that’s all we’ve heard about for the past 20 years) but is now on her second “accident” in less than two years for no other reason than they weren’t using any type of birth control at any point in time. They then have the nerve to act surprised by it!  Hello! This isn’t MTV’s 16 and Pregnant! You’re educated adults in your 30’s and you have a 1-year old as a reminder of what happened LAST time you didn’t use protection. Not to mention they’ve been very vocal about not being able to afford the first one!  If they had been planning, hoping, etc for a baby I’d have a much different attitude about all this but given the circumstances it feels pretty irresponsible. Not to mention totally unfair! Yes, I’m jealous and yes I wish it were me. I realize I sound like the worse best friend out there so let the terrible comments fly.  But if that’s not just the most fucked up twist of fate ever then I don’t know what else is!


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