Methotrexate injections don’t seem to be working

Last week I had 2 of the Methotrexate/Cancer shots to be begin the process of dissolving our pregnancy. Now almost a week later there seems to be very little going on. Last week I noticed I had a high fever on Thursday afternoon and my shoulder/collar bone continues to hurt. On Friday when I had my first blood test since the injections I informed my Doctor of what’s going and she told me to basically keep an eye on it. They felt I was stable enough to at least make it through to this next blood test to see if anything is happening. I’m not in agony with my shoulder but it definitely hurts. The ultrasound showed some blood in my abdomen. And when you Google “Shoulder pain ectopic pregnancy” it doesn’t come up with good things to say! Regardless, my HCG hormone levels are suppose to start dropping. I have a blood test in the morning to confirm if that’s taking place. It’s making me nervous wondering what the next step will be if my HCG hormone levels aren’t starting to decrease. They may opt to give me another round of Cancer injections or they may opt to schedule surgery. Losing a baby is horrible for anyone but dragging it out like this makes it just so much worse, it’s heart-wrenching.


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